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Mobile Accommodation Solution (MAS) Android App Feedback Form

Feedback Section:

Please describe any issues or errors you encountered. Please be as detailed as possible.

What role were you in at the time:

Service Provider

Please describe the steps you took to get to the screen where the issue occurs. Include steps to reproduce the issue if possible.

Please provide any additional comments on functionality, usability, and accessibility.
For example:

  • Does the app function as you expect? Does it freeze or is it sluggish? Does it function as a good case management tool?
  • Is it easy and intuitive to use? Does it provide a logical path for entering and retrieving information entered into the app?
  • If you use assistive technology, is the app accessible?

Please provide any additional comments on design and content:

Please provide any suggestions you may have for future versions of the app:

System Information:

Please provide the make/model of your device if you are reporting an issue or error with the app. It will assist us in locating and correcting these problems (e.g. Samsung S5, LG V30, etc.):

Please provide the version of Android you are using (e.g. 7.1 Nougat):

Version of MAS app (can be found after entering the MAS app and selecting a role, click on the main menu on top-left, and the version number is at the bottom of the screen):

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